About Me

I was born and raised in Central Massachusetts and that is where I reside today. Though there are days when I would love to move, the kids and grandkids keep me here.


I’ve been driving a school bus for the last 22 years, give or take. A few years ago, unhappy with the company that I worked for and increasing issues with my hip and lower back, I decided to go to college.  Obtaining a degree was one of the many items on my bucket list anyway. I thought I would be happy with an Associate Degree and able to find a job that I liked. What I discovered was, learning is addictive (I love it) and driving a school bus pays better than entry-level jobs in healthcare. So just as I was about to graduate, I took a chance and applied to a state university.  I was accepted into their online degree program.

A few weeks ago I finished my first year at University Without Walls, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I took out another ten grand in student loans to try it out.  The burden of paying for a degree is daunting and I’m not sure I can justify the cost at my age.  There are so many other things to check off, from my bucket list.

To be continued…

I am also an independent distributor with Life’s Abundance, a natural pet food company.  I do this as a hobby because I feed my dog and cats their food exclusively. Being a distributor helps pay for it.  Their products are top of the line and I tell people about them all the time. Some want to try them, some do not. I’m really not a high-pressure salesperson so it’s their choice.  You can take a look by clicking on the above link.

In 2012, thanks to my mom, I was brought into the world of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Last year I signed up to become a volunteer with the Alzheimer’s Association. They were launching a new program and it seemed a perfect way for me to help educate and advocate. I am a Family Support Volunteer and my goal is to provide family and caregivers with resources and support.  Writing about Alzheimer’s Disease and care giving are going to be a huge part of Ramblin Ann from now on. I have had a lot of practice writing while in school.  Sometimes I feel that having a root canal might be more enjoyable than writing but I have found that when I do not write I crave it.  So it is what I will do.

That pretty much sums up “me” for now.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Karen says:

    Hi Ann, Because your posts have been so encouraging, I’ve nominated you for The Super Sweet Blogging Award. If you wish, you can pick it up at IntoMyWindow.com, the July 1, 2013 post. 🙂

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