The “S” Word

I really wanted to write tonight, but I really wanted to read too.  What did I do?  I sat with my husband, ate left over Shepherd’s Pie, watched bad news, and finished with a brownie and ice cream.

He went to email an old friend a picture of Jordan, our cat.  I decided to pack it in and get comfy in bed.

So here I sit.

It has been a rough couple of weeks.  Physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. We went from a snow less winter to being buried up to our whatsis.


That is not a whatsis.  That was the first storm where they say we got 3 inches.   The following pictures best cover whats a whatsis.

0209151134b                             0209151134a

There were shrubs under there    There is a post and rail fence over to the left. Can’t see it?

0209151220b                           0209151135

The almost empty gas can                                      Can you guess what kind of vehicle?

0209151219                                                      Almost 2 feet of snow at the peak

They claim Worcester, the nearest city, received 90.1 inches so far this winter.  I think 89 of that has fallen within the last three weeks.  It is unprecedented.  We sturdy, hardy, New Englanders are begging Mother Nature for mercy, but none is to come.

One weather forecaster called for maybe 1-3 more inches falling Thursday night into Friday.  Hmmm Just like the 3 inches that we got in that first photo?  We take his words with a grain of salt.   We believe nothing until we see it for ourselves.  We are snow weary and dog tired from shoveling out.

We are doing the countdown to spring knowing, in the past, we have been walloped well into April.  We are holding out hope that the snow mountains in our yards will be gone in time to open our pools.  We are dreaming of a move somewhere, ANYWHERE, that the weather forecast does not contain the “s” word.

And, we are preparing for the next big storm.  Because we are New Englanders and we will survive if it kills us.

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How Long Does It Take?

So I know I constantly procrastinate when it comes to writing here.  I come up with some great posts while I’m laying in bed at night, or driving my bus, or doing just about everything but sitting here typing.  When I sit with the laptop all ready and some free time I just draw a complete blank most of the time.   Sometimes I type my ass off and then find I have to go do something else, like return to work.   I think what I wrote something really great and when I re-read it, it sounds horrible so I never publish.  Then of course I never come back to it.

Tonight as I sit here I realize I need to go to bed.   It’s 8:00 p.m. and it has been an extremely long stormy day. I’m exhausted and still have one more day to go. Should be a piece of cake considering we have had like one full week of work since January 1st, but these short weeks are always so much longer.  Besides my husband just came out and put the tv on and now I can’t concentrate.

How long does it take to write here?  I’m not trying to write the next great novel, just a short blog post.  I already made the decision that I was going to spend this year writing for me not anyone else, but I still can’t get it done.   I spend so much time worrying I sound like a total numb nut that I’m afraid to hit publish.

Not tonight though.   Tonight I have spent a total of fifteen minutes coming up with this and after I spell check I am going to hit publish.  Maybe it might even make some sense.

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I decided to do some tidying up today and guess I hit a wrong button because all the headings at the top have disappeared.   Hmmm   Really all I was trying to do was eliminate some catagories.  Oh well!

I have not checked, but I will assume everything I posted here is still here, not that it really matters, I am purging in 2015.  Time to let go of some of the old so that I have room for the new in my life.   This is a good start, even if it was accidental.

How many other “oops” moments will I have this year?  Only time will tell; then I will.

* This might be my first.  Spell check not working and I can not think of anything else to write, so I am going with this little blurb of a post.   Not inspiring much confidence in what’s to come.

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