This is Progress

I have come back here many times over the last couple of years, only to leave without actually writing a post.  Sometimes I do “busy work” like organizing, sometimes I get caught up in other blogs that I subscribe to, but my point is…I don’t write anything.

In my mind, I have changed the direction in which I want Ramblin Ann to head.  I want it to be more than a diary of things that happen during my day/week.  I want it to have some substance.  I want it to have meaning.  I want it to help me improve my writing because I have been told by professors, that I can write.

The reason that I always leave without making any progress is that I have too many things to write about.  My interests jump from one thing to another, then back again; like a giant game of checkers with myself. Though some would consider having many interests a plus, it is a hurdle that constantly hinders someone who has a problem focusing on tasks. I thought about writing that I have ADHD but I have no official diagnosis. I am just your average person who stops in mid-thought to look at a butterfly and has no clue what I was thinking a meer moment earlier.

One thing is for sure.  I need to write. I need to write about Alzheimer’s Disease and the growing epidemic that we will be facing. I need to tell other people of my age that there are so many possibilities out there if they learn how to look for them, and last but not least, I need to write to make myself feel better that I accidentally renewed for two years, but paid GoDaddy separately for each year, making it more expensive.

I believe, TODAY I have made some progress.

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