Spring Semester

It has only been six months since I’ve been here, but things have moved around and I am completely lost.

I don’t know why I have felt the need to be here and write. I think it might be the knowledge that spring semester starts on Tuesday and that means NO spare time. Every minute I have will be put into my studies. For some unknown reason, it is terrifying me.  I am taking four classes again this semester and I know how much work is involved just in keeping up, never mind doing it well enough to maintain my average.

Last spring I was still riding on the high of completing my first semester in college.  This spring I am worn out before the semester even starts.  I need to make and keep a homework schedule so that I am able to have some personal time and enough time for sleep.  I recently discovered sleep is an important part of life where I have been lacking.  I never understood why people love to sleep.  Lately, I can’t get enough of it.  If only I could bank hours and pull them from reserve when I needed them.   If only….

I think in order for me to satisfy the craving, I feel again, to write, I will be using this as my journal for my yoga class.  Not quite sure what is expected for the journal as it is not being turned in, but is required writing.  Guess I will learn the details on Tuesday and be back to add a category or a page.  Whatever I need in order to keep my entries a separate part of the whole.  Until then…




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