This is Progress

I have come back here many times over the last couple of years, only to leave without actually writing a post.  Sometimes I do “busy work” like organizing, sometimes I get caught up in other blogs that I subscribe to, but my point is…I don’t write anything.

In my mind, I have changed the direction in which I want Ramblin Ann to head.  I want it to be more than a diary of things that happen during my day/week.  I want it to have some substance.  I want it to have meaning.  I want it to help me improve my writing because I have been told by professors, that I can write.

The reason that I always leave without making any progress is that I have too many things to write about.  My interests jump from one thing to another, then back again; like a giant game of checkers with myself. Though some would consider having many interests a plus, it is a hurdle that constantly hinders someone who has a problem focusing on tasks. I thought about writing that I have ADHD but I have no official diagnosis. I am just your average person who stops in mid-thought to look at a butterfly and has no clue what I was thinking a meer moment earlier.

One thing is for sure.  I need to write. I need to write about Alzheimer’s Disease and the growing epidemic that we will be facing. I need to tell other people of my age that there are so many possibilities out there if they learn how to look for them, and last but not least, I need to write to make myself feel better that I accidentally renewed for two years, but paid GoDaddy separately for each year, making it more expensive.

I believe, TODAY I have made some progress.

About ramblinann

I live in Massachusetts and always have. My family continues to grow with the addition of many grandchildren, who steal my heart every time I see them. Recently I was able to check off an item on my bucket list and earn my Associate Degree in Complementary Healthcare, but usually, I can be found sitting behind the wheel of a big yellow school bus. I love to write, though there seems to be some missing connection between my thoughts and the ability of my fingers to put those thoughts on paper, or the screen in this case.
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2 Responses to This is Progress

  1. scruffykaz says:

    Good to see you back again. I have the same problem. I hope I can start writing again and have a direction. ….

    • ramblinann says:

      Thank you scruffykaz. Sometimes I feel this overwhelming need to write something, but then I get here and completely freeze. Maybe we can encourage each other. Writing is such good therapy.

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