Are People Happy With Their Job/Career?

Driving high up in a school bus I have the opportunity to view things from a different angle than others.  I see more and I wonder more.

In January I started driving with a different school bus company. It was not because I wanted to. It was because I needed to. My previous employer filed bankruptcy and all employees were fired.  I needed a job.  This company was not the closest, but it offered more hours. So I took the job telling myself it was only six months until the end of the school year. Six months…I could handle it for six months.  Some days six minutes were too long never mind months. This might be my chosen field at that moment, but it was not my chosen job. With this in mind, I started looking at people and wondering if they were happy with their jobs.

I looked at the way they were dressed.  I looked at their age group and whether they were male or female. I looked at the cars they drove, and some of the neighborhoods they were coming from.

Then I started really looking at people and wondering; what kind of work do they do? Where do they work? How long have they done this work? Are they happy or are they just there because of necessity?

I also wondered why they would choose one profession over another.  Plumbing over banking, banking over doctoring? Are they working a “job” or do they have a career? Did they have a true calling or was it the prospect of making a big paycheck?

I also noticed most people do not look happy.  They look stressed and tired.  Is that because of situations they just left at home or situations they are heading into at the office? Are they dreading the day ahead? Would they walk away from their current employment if given the opportunity to do so?

To turn the question around onto myself.  Am I happy with my job/career?   Answer:  I love driving a bus. I am so very comfortable in that seat. Well physically not so much anymore, but theoretically I love it.   Though I have proved to myself that I do not like driving elementary children any more; afternoons anyway.

In the fall I may have the opportunity to go back to driving high school only.  Sounds wonderful.  Only the bus company won’t let me know what the pay rate will be, and they can’t tell me how many hours.  So I need to make a choice between keeping this route, in which the total hours may change (they won’t let us see the routes until fall), or pick the high school only route where I don’t know the hours or pay.  I feel like I am playing Let’s Make A Deal.  Do I pick the unknown behind curtain #1 or the unknown behind curtain #2?

So in closing….Am I happy with my job/career?   Yes I love the bus.  No I don’t like the position I am in and have to wonder if I should walk away.

The full answer may lie within the course I am taking.  It could be a conflict if I can get a job in that field.  Would the bus company still offer me charter driver or per diem like I was offered a couple of months ago? Guess the next couple of months will tell.  If they can keep information to themselves until the fall so can I.


About ramblinann

I live in Massachusetts and always have. I sell healthy holistic pet food as an independant rep with Life's Abundance. That is done mostly from home on my computer. When I'm not working for myself with the pet food, I am sitting behind the wheel of a big yellow school bus.
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3 Responses to Are People Happy With Their Job/Career?

  1. desalinadokaz says:

    I don’t love my work as a secretary. I’ve worked as a secretary in one capacity or another since I left college, about 17 years ago now. I come from a poor background so the emphasis was always on getting a job and earning money rather than going to university and reaching my potential. I figured if I get a skill that would mean that I was never out of work then I could escape poverty. That’s how I ended up on this path. I always figured that I’d progress or educate myself further but life has got in the way. i was made redundant from the city about 4 years ago, took some contract work and when I tired of that and the way you were treated as a contractor, I found this permanent job. I started 2 years ago telling myself it was only for the short term. I’m sorry that this sounds so negative. I’m not usually that kind of person but I don’t feel positive about my job (it’s not a career).

    On the plus side, I’m putting myself through school (university) on a distance learning, part-time basis and I’m getting some valuable experience (I hope) and in-house training in my current role. I don’t intend doing this until I retire though…

    • ramblinann says:

      Do not worry about sounding negative. I asked this question because I see so many people looking sad every day. I really do wonder how many of us climb out of bed in the morning and are happy with our lives. I think not many.
      I’m glad you are back in school. Education is never a bad thing. Keep reminding yourself that your job is just a stepping stone on the path to your chosen career. You will make it through. By the way what are you studying?

      • desalinadokaz says:

        I’m studying with the Open University via distance learning and I’m studying an Open Degree which means I can choose modules on whatever subjects I like. So far I’ve done 2 modules (one of which I’m working through now) and I’ve managed to transfer across 30 credits. In total I have 120 credits (once I’ve finished my current module) and I’m 1/3 of the way through!

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