Slacker No More

I’m sorry I have been a major slacker lately.  Not sure what the problem is exactly.  I’m exhausted both physically and mentally, my head hurts, my heart hurts, and I am so sick of this never-ending winter.  For crying out loud I should not have to be wearing four layers of clothing, in late March, to go to work in the morning.  It is just not right and I want it to stop NOW!

Ok I have that out of my system, at least for the moment, so I’m going to recap the last week and a half or so since I have been here.

1. I was awarded the Liebster Award by  over at tenthousandladybirds   I haven’t fulfilled my part of the deal yet and for that I bow my head in shame.  I will follow through tomorrow I promise.

2. I have been to at least one more funeral, possibly two since last writing.  I have lost track and feel like the whole world is dying around me.

3. I have officially declared I HATE driving elementary kids home in the afternoon.  Driving them to school in the A.M. is ok, bringing them home bites the big one.  Three more months to go. I pray for a miracle so I don’t have to go back to that in the fall.

4. I have researched aromatherapy courses.  I found one I really like online, but it cost $1,800+ .  I attended a free webinar last night and was very impressed.  Andrea is offering some great freebies to anyone who signs up by Sunday.  I really want to do this. I could meet some pretty terrific people from all over the world who have a commitment to aromatherapy and it’s benefits.  My fear is if I can come up with the down payment of $895 can I come up with the $220 a month payment?  No extra work because I don’t have a penis.  (it’s a private joke that only one reader will understand)

5. My husband who has been out of work for almost two years has enrolled in a course to help him get into a field he is REALLY passionate about.  Medical marijuana. He is so excited that people are finally realizing the benefits of this herb.  He wants to become a master grower and work in a dispensary.  He has been closely following what the states before us have done and he wants in.  Very good to see him excited over something again.

6. I took three books out of the library.  One I can’t even remember.  I know I read the parts that I wanted to, but couldn’t tell you exactly what it said.  The second was about meditation.  The benefits, different forms, and how to get started.  I couldn’t even sit still to read it.  I tried I really did, but it just wasn’t doing it for me.  Learning about meditation should not stress a person out. The third book I renewed.  It is about energy healing.  I still love that and want to pursue it further also.  First I need to get out of this negative energy that is swallowing me.  Most days I feel like I am being sucked into a black hole.  I need someone to send me a life line, but quick.

I’ll end it there for tonight.  I got this written and that was a major accomplishment on my list.  It’s now way past bedtime and my eyes are having a hard time staying open.  Tomorrow is another day.


About ramblinann

I live in Massachusetts and always have. I sell healthy holistic pet food as an independant rep with Life's Abundance. That is done mostly from home on my computer. When I'm not working for myself with the pet food, I am sitting behind the wheel of a big yellow school bus.
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