Do You See What I See?

I just clicked on a link from someone else’s blog and came back to mine. This is good. This was my destination.

I did a quick perusal of what everyone else sees and realized I have a link to a facebook page.  I completely forgot Ramblinann had a page. I don’t even know if the link over on the right connects to fb or is broken. Nothing I post here carries over to facebook because Ramblinann’s page is not my account page. I think I have to link my account page and I don’t want to do that.  Nothing personal, but all my friends and co-workers are there.  Only one of them knows I have a blog and that’s ok by me. I love my friends and family, but would rather have everyday drama kept personal.  Well as personal as posting on FB can be.

Could someone click on the link and tell me where it brings you?  Also if anyone knows how to link here to Ramblinann’s facebook page please educate and enlighten me.

For now it’s off to do some light housekeeping on some other links. Address’s have changed and I have added some new favorites. Hope they don’t mind me sharing.


About ramblinann

I live in Massachusetts and always have. I sell healthy holistic pet food as an independant rep with Life's Abundance. That is done mostly from home on my computer. When I'm not working for myself with the pet food, I am sitting behind the wheel of a big yellow school bus.
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3 Responses to Do You See What I See?

  1. grndmachris says:

    I hope I can help 🙂
    Your facebook link doesn’t go anywhere, so I think I can help you activate it.
    1) Login to the facebook account you want to link to wordpress. If you do not wish your personal one to link, then you will need to create a new facebook account, and leave out ANY and ALL personal info. For instance you would want your name to be “Ramblin Ann”, that would be in the space where you add your first and last name. Creating a new facebook account will ensure that you remain private. Creating a “page” on facebook doesn’t work for that because every time you “like” another persons facebook link on wordpress, then your personal facebook picture etc shows up, therefore eliminating any privacy. I chose to create a whole new facebook and email account, thru yahoo for the linking process.
    2) After you have the facebook account open, then open a new tab and login to your wordpress account. Remember to have the facebook tab open at the same time your wordpress is open.
    3) Go to the dashboard, then settings, then sharing. It is in the sharing window that you will be linking the two sites.
    4) Click on the facebook one and add “Add a new facebook connection”, follow the instructions, and it should magically link to the facebook account you have open. If you have any other accounts connected in that sharing place you will need to “x” them to delete them before you link the new facebook.
    5) Now if you want the facebook widget to appear in your sidebar, then here is what you will need to do:
    A) Go to your dashboard
    B) Appearance-widgets-drag a “text” widget to your sidebar in the location where you want it to appear.
    C) Now go back to your facebook timeline, which you should still have open, and click on your timeline, this will be your followers destination, now copy the url link in the browser.
    D) Go back to the text widget and in the large empty box paste your url link. Where it says “title” then add a title, something like follow me on facebook etc.
    E) Click save, your new facebook link should appear on the front of your blog.
    However, if this is too much trouble and you only want to link your blog to your everyday personal facebook page, then simply click on your personal facebook timeline and copy that url address and then go back to the sharing screen on wordpress, delete “x” the other facebook connection and add your regular personal facebook url link, and paste your new url link to the sidebar widget too.
    Man I feel like I’ve given you so much info, but this is how I linked my blog to a facebook page. If you want your facebook to be a profile that people can “like” then you will need to create a facebook “page”, within your personal facebook, there are instructions on your home page in facebook for creating a page, using your personal facebook account. But I did that and that is where all of my personal info came up when I “like” someone’s facebook page through their blog. Because I created a new facebook acct my anonymous facebook picture comes up and my personal facebook is safe.

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