ABC Award

Thank you Tammy, author of SimplyMadlyMe.  She has passed on the ABC Award to yours truly.

Panic has set in as I sit here thinking up my acceptance speech.  My fancy low-cut, clingy dress is hanging in the closet, and I’m not sure I can get my feet into heels this morning.   Sorry folks you will have to deal with the pjs and my two pair of heavy winter socks.

Rambin Ann got it’s beginning a while ago.  I was a moderator on a work at home mom’s message board and I loved to just get on there and write.  People suggested I start a blog.  It was all new back then and I had no idea how to do that or what to write about.   At the end of the day, anything I had to say was of little or no interest to the general public.  It was just me letting off steam.

After starting another blog, Ann’s Furry Friends, which I never write on.  I decided it was much easier to write about everything and nothing then keep to one subject.  RamblinAnn, a combo of The Allman Brothers, Ramblin Man, and Led Zeppelin’s, Ramble On, was hatched.  Dickey Betts, by the way has very soft lips.

It feels very cool to receive an award from another blogger. I never thought anyone would be interested in reading what I was writing.  Now that people are reading it makes me want to be a much better writer.

For receiving this award I must tell you, in alphabetical order, 26 things about me and pass the award on to other bloggers.  That seems more than fair.  Not easy, but fair.

1.   Ann, had a hard time getting started
2.  Boring
3.  Crafty, like arts and crafts not like a fox
4.  Dedicated
5.  English is my only language unless you count hand gestures
6.  Frustrated that I can’t think of anything to write
7.  Grateful for my family and my friends
8.  Hopeful that the future gets better for everyone
9.  Inquisitive about silly things
10. Jim, love of my life, soul-mate, other half, man who makes me so mad sometimes
11. Keep on going even when I don’t think I can
12. Learning patience
13. Me
14. Neurotic, sometimes, or always, or maybe sometimes, when I have to speak, or write
15. Overly critical of myself
16. Put things off
17. Quiet in crowds
18. Rebel in my own mind
19. Smelly, NOT (personal joke that I will be writing about soon.  I promise)
20. Talented beyond belief in something I have yet to discover.
21. Unable to concentrate for long periods of time
22. Very glad I am almost at the end of the alphabet
23. Whimsical
24. Xtra Terrestrials must be in my family tree
25. Yodalling is something I never understood
26. Zero is usually the number in my bank account

That took some thought and I think I burned out a few brain cells.  Passing this on to the bloggers I read the most is much easier.  They are about different things so you should check them all out.

1.  Madison Woods
2. Erikchristian 
3. Holistic Words
4. Jessseeker
. Written Words Never Die

There are five but let us not forget Tammy at SimplyMadlyMe  Without her I would not be  floundering for an alphabetical list or making a thank you speech.


About ramblinann

I live in Massachusetts and always have. My family continues to grow with the addition of many grandchildren, who steal my heart every time I see them. Recently I was able to check off an item on my bucket list and earn my Associate Degree in Complementary Healthcare, but usually, I can be found sitting behind the wheel of a big yellow school bus. I love to write, though there seems to be some missing connection between my thoughts and the ability of my fingers to put those thoughts on paper, or the screen in this case.
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3 Responses to ABC Award

  1. Well Done, loved your 26! hehehe
    Um, Me? Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂 xx

  2. Tammy says:

    Haha! I love your list. I always enjoy reading your blog and I love your honesty and how you write about real, day-to-day life. (And I never understood yodeling either 😉 )

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