Illegal Aliens and Social Security

Illegals granted Social Security

A friend of mine posted this link on FB.  I try not to do political because I should be the poster child for “politically incorrect”, but I had to read the article anyway.  Right away my blood started to boil and I was ready to rant on.  Here we are struggling to pay our states mandatory, “affordable health insurance” at $850 a month, listening to news stories telling us if we just work a little longer, at least until 70, then we might be able to retire with Social Security benefits, and illegals are going to be allowed to collect said benefits on wages that they earned illegally while being in this country illegally.

Keyword ILLEGAL(ly),  I was brought up thinking illegal was wrong and should be punished.  Guess my family, some immigrants, legal immigrants, were wrong.  Illegal is only illegal if what you’re caught?  Well these people are not only being caught, they are being rewarded with Social Security benefits that will probably be more than MINE!!!!

As I read down the article I came across this paragraph “On Wednesday, senators narrowly approved an amendment to require a foreign worker to have a job lined up in the United States before applying for a green card. The purpose, supporters say, is to ensure that the job market isn’t flooded with foreign workers. Also, it prevents foreign workers from coming to the United States only to wind up unemployed and dependent on public assistance.”  Well HELLO won’t they then just come in illegally so that they can collect benefits and not have to worry about having a green card? Why would they go through the hassle of applying for a green card when they can reap more benefits by going the illegal route?  In essence we are punishing the people who want to come to this country the correct way?

As I read this I was off and running first thing Saturday morning. My blood pressure went up, my teeth were clenched, and I was ready to pass this bit of info on to anyone and everyone who would be as pissed off as I was.

Before hitting the share button I started pondering how do they collect benefits without a Social Security number?  When I got married and changed my name I was made to jump through hoops just to prove I was who I said I was. I had to bring in birth certificate, marriage license, drivers license, baptism record, high school diploma, 20 forms of ID with my picture, and kill a small rain forest with the amount of paperwork to be filled out.   How does one apply without all this stuff?   How does one prove they have been paying into Social Security when they have no pay stubs to prove their employer, who hired them without proper paperwork, has been taking money out of their wages and paying into Social Security when there are no numbers to report?

So as I’m stewing on this I went back and reread the article. It is an election year after all and I want to make sure I am not voting for someone who allowed this. It was then I saw the date it was published.  Thursday, May 18, 2006.  I am a wee bit late.  Almost 6 years late.  A lot of the illegals could have saved up a pretty good nest egg of illegally gained wages and already applied for Social Security benefits by now.

I don’t even know if it is still in effect.  I should look into this I guess.  Would be nice to know before heading to the polls this year.

However there is a very important lesson learned here.  Don’t shoot your mouth off without getting all the facts.  The recoil could surely knock you on your ass.


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