This Weather

It’s school vacation week.  I had plans to get yard work done, the kitchen finished, and spring cleaning done.  So what am I doing sitting here at the computer for yet another day?


Monday was nice, but I was working the Boston Marathon all day.  Tuesday was raining and raw. Wednesday it did not rain, but it was still cold, cloudy, and raw. Thursday has arrived.  At 6:00 this morning there was a hint of sunshine, but as I sit here at 8:30 the sky has grown dark and cloudy once again.  It is getting to be more than a person can take.

I need sunshine and warm temperatures.  I need to hear birds in the morning and peepers at night. I need to smell the coconut aroma of SPF 15 sunscreen and feel the icy cold waters of Hampton Beach.  Is that too much for one person to ask?

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