Free Time

A few days ago I wrote about my new attempt at better time management.  As of today I am not too far off track.  A little diversion yesterday due to the weather, but I think I have managed to get all necessary things accomplished.

At the very end of the post I made a comment about “free time” and not knowing what people do in their free time, but was willing to find out.   I have decided what I would do in my free time.  I would read, read, read, and probably read some more.

Yesterday, I was in the middle of one book and the thought of getting snowed in without something new to start sent me into a library visit panic.  I only took out two books, but mind you it was only a snow storm. It was not like I was being shipped off to a deserted island.

I actually feel the need for a fix right now.  Time to get off this contraption and get back to my book.  And yes I still read old fashioned paper and print books.

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