Time Management

Over the past couple of months I have come to realize I am not as organized or energetic as I used to be.  Because of this I decided to sign up for a call about time management.  I used to be so good at it.  Not so much anymore.

So I went through the call and took notes.  Decided that I was up to the challenge of doing certain things for 21 days to see if it helps create good habits.

1st thing was to be on time.  Ya alright.  Everyone who knows me knows, except for my bus routes, I am always late.  This might be the toughest one of all.
2nd was to make “to do” lists the night before and prioritize.  Didn’t quiet make that goal, but I did make a list this morning and so far I have gotten way more done then I usually do.  A blog post and two sub-pages on Ann’s Furry Friends done, all phone calls complete, and a post here.
3rd thing is to delegate.  Yup I’m sending the husband grocery shopping.  We have a  little competition going.  Who can get the most for the least.  He is very competitive.  I am confident I will have something in the house to eat for the next week.

At this rate I should be able to get all my chores done, and start working on some of my goals for the year.  I may even find some free time to do something.  Not sure what people do in their free time, but I’m willing to find out.

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3 Responses to Time Management

  1. Madison Woods says:

    LOL, love the comment about not being sure what people do in their free time. I’d like to know too! When you find out, be sure to blog about it.

    I’m trying to become more efficient and organized too. Boy, that’s hard for me. But with the little effort I’ve made so far, life does seem to be clocking along a little easier. Now I need to learn that delegating technique…no husband, but surely the kids can be conned into something 😉

  2. In your case you are planning a big move so being efficient and organized would be great but not sure it’s the time to get all gung ho. You might become too efficient and throw something out you meant to keep.

    I don’t think I even know the true meaning of free time. I will have to do some serious pondering in those couple of moments before I fall asleep at night.

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