More Winter Weather

I was going to post another strange doggie dream, but decided to put that on the back burner for today.  Instead just a quick note about winter and some of my observations.

Winter is not for the thin-skinned or the faint of heart.  Being brought up in the northeast a person gets used to winter being rough on the skin, the hair, the back, and the mood.  The first two dry up, the second aches from shoveling, and the last heads south with all the snow birds.   But still we endure.  We count the days until spring and do our best to keep each other laughing.   Even if that means falling face first in a snow banking. 

One thing I did notice this winter, that I have not noticed before, is people’s houses.  I have never seen so many windows, on a bright sunny day, with shades closed and heavy curtains drawn.  It is not because of privacy that people are doing this.  It is to keep the cold out, the warmth in, and the cost of heat down as much as possible. 

Even my own house is resembling a bat cave.  The front blinds are kept closed because the morning sun is not up long enough to justify the warmth escaping. On top of the closed blinds we also keep our thermal lined drapes pulled tight.  From the inside, it appears to be the dead of night 24 hours a day.   It is depressing but very necessary this winter. 

We are nearing the end of a second major storm in one week.  Between the two we have had close to two feet of snow and frigid single digit temps.  The predictions are for another wallop three days from now than a blast of Canadian air.   “Ole Man Winter” has a grip on us and it doesn’t look like he is going to let go any time soon. 

So stock up on the hand cream, hair conditioner, and Ibuprofen.  Plug in the heating pad and grab a good book.  Winter weather is here today and no doubt there is more on the way.


About ramblinann

I live in Massachusetts and always have. I sell healthy holistic pet food as an independant rep with Life's Abundance. That is done mostly from home on my computer. When I'm not working for myself with the pet food, I am sitting behind the wheel of a big yellow school bus.
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