Made It Through Another Year

It’s the 28th of December and another year has come and gone.  This time of year, with Christmas, used to be my favorite.  Decorations went up right after Thanksgiving, batches of cookies were made, shopping was done, and dinner was planned.  This year nothing.

It was a very depressing year and the month of December did nothing to raise my spirits.  It was a year of none accomplishments and bad news.  The fast approaching holidays drove home how low things had gotten. I was tired, disgusted, and negative in all my thoughts. Every time I logged on to the internet, Ramblin Ann was staring me in the face telling me I needed to write something, but I quickly clicked on another tab.  As the saying goes “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”   There was nothing nice to say.

With the new year right around the corner I started contemplating where I want life to go and things I would like to do in 2011.  I needed to get it in writing and here for all to see.  There is nothing tremendously grand.  No great feat that I need to work ’round the clock to attain.  No leaping tall buildings in a single bound.  A short but doable list. 

1. See and talk to my kids more
2. Learn to speak Italian
3. Learn Reiki I & II
4. Consistently reach five-star or above in Ann’s Furry Friends
5. Create a rough outline of a book I want to write

There you have it.  It’s out there for all the world to see.  What are your top five things to do in 2011?  Get them written and read them often.  Have fun doing them and do a victory dance once you get there.  The world would be a much happier place if we all just danced more.  


About ramblinann

I live in Massachusetts and always have. I sell healthy holistic pet food as an independant rep with Life's Abundance. That is done mostly from home on my computer. When I'm not working for myself with the pet food, I am sitting behind the wheel of a big yellow school bus.
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2 Responses to Made It Through Another Year

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Great blog post, Ann. I think a lot of people felt the same way this year that you did – I know I did! I’m usually up for Christmas and all the festivities that go with it but this year nada. I got a small table top tree up (pre-lit) but no decorations on it. I couldn’t stand to hear the music on the radio. Didn’t visit the mall but once. It was a very depressing year. I had a high school friend die very unexpectedly in December and it reminded me of how many people I lost in the month of December at different years (father, grandmother, uncle). I realized how many years have gone by and how many dreams I’ve had to let go of and how many I haven’t had the courage to pursue.

    This year, my “resolution” is to find out who I am. I’m tired of trying to be what everyone else thinks I should be; I’m tired of all the “shoulds” in my life. I desperately want to find a sense of contentment – but not stagnation. I do want to keep moving forward but to where? doing what? My friends death brought me face to face with the old saying “don’t die with your music still in you.” He was a good person with a lot of music left in him. I don’t want to be old and gray looking back with longing on all the things I didn’t have the courage to do.

    • ramblinann says:

      Mary Ann it appears we both made it through the whole holiday season and into the new year. It was difficult and I am glad it is over. Took down my decorations over the weekend, the few that I managed to get up.
      I am sorry about your friend. I remember you talking about him and how much of a shock it was. Life is very short and time is certainly flying by very quickly.
      Perhaps it is time for us to live life and not just make our way through.

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