This, That, & The Other Thing

This is a combination post.  I started one entry and saved it to draft but never got back to it.  I was doing some file cleaning today and came across it.  I will keep some, add some, and delete some.  Then I will set a day for it to publish in case I forget. 

Today I thought I would give a quick update on the diet, the garden, and whatever struck my fancy.  That changed with the events of the day, going into the city to take my mother to the doctor.   
I was late getting to my mother’s, as usual.  I explained I ran into some traffic and she came back with some quiet comment about being late for the appointment.  After getting her into the Jeep I ran around to my side and climbed in.  She looked at my sundress, which I happen to love, and asked if I was still in my nightgown.   YUP this was how my day was going to go.

This brings me to my trip into the city today.  Yes to pick up my mother.  Today I wore a pair of stretchy black slacks,  OK SO MY DIET IS NOT GOING SO WELL, and a pink blouse.  Mom  looked at me and said “Oh you look different today, not like usual, you look nice dressed up.”  I know she didn’t mean it the way it sounded, but yup another fine day.  It felt better when I bought a pair of shoes I loved but didn’t need.  I’m not a shopper and I am not a shoe person but I could have bought the whole store today.  Good thing my mother was patiently sitting in an aisle waiting for me.  I felt guilty leaving her there so I made my decision and got out of there.

So as I stated above; the diet is not going well.  I got very busy and fell right back into eating what was easy and good, not fresh prepared and good for you. I have not given up though.  I will make another attempt starting Monday.  My physical is coming up and I don’t want the Dr giving me that “We will have to put you on cholesterol medicine if we can’t bring the numbers down” talk.  There’s that in a nutshell.

The garden is coming along.  I have already had to pick two of the pumpkins because the vines died off.  I still have four more out there in different stages of ripening. The tomato plants all have tomatoes and flowers that hopefully will have time to pollenate.  The beans have gone wild and we are just waiting for them to be ready.  We have one lonely tiny cuke that I’m not sure will survive but I have hope.   Next year we will start early and be more prepared.  Now just waiting for the grapes up the street to ripen.  Feel the need to make some jelly this year.


About ramblinann

I live in Massachusetts and always have. My family continues to grow with the addition of many grandchildren, who steal my heart every time I see them. Recently I was able to check off an item on my bucket list and earn my Associate Degree in Complementary Healthcare, but usually, I can be found sitting behind the wheel of a big yellow school bus. I love to write, though there seems to be some missing connection between my thoughts and the ability of my fingers to put those thoughts on paper, or the screen in this case.
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