And Where To Begin

OK I’m having a day.  It’s a damn good thing it’s Friday and not Monday or I might just take the week off and stay in bed.

Started this morning with once again realizing I STILL HAD NOT “CHECKED COOLANT” IN MY CAR. Not having antifreeze worked as an excuse for the first couple of days, but we bought a gallon last Sunday when we went to Wally World.  I pretty much thought of every other excuse but could put it off no longer and grabbed the jug when I left at 5:10 this morning.  Yes it is getting later and later the closer the end of the  school year comes.  I didn’t want to pour it out here because it is very toxic to the pets and I would never forgive myself if Casey or one of the cats that hang out here died from it.   The bus yard is a safe place for toxic vehicle fluids so I could put it in there.  Which I did.  So that was all taken care of and I was on my way.

Usually there is not much traffic out when I head into Princeton.  Only the people who have a commute or the ones trying to make it through all the construction sites before they start for the day.  This morning I had some jack ass, and that is a polite name for him, come barreling up behind me.  Cars I expect, pickup trucks I expect, but this was one of those big dump trucks that haul gravel.  Not a regular size but one of the long ones.  I don’t know how many yarder and I can’t find a picture, but it came out of nowhere and he was flying.  I was driving 40mph.  I know this because I wanted to judge how fast he was going to be going when he hit me.  Just in case I lived through it.  So many thoughts run through your head at once.  He’s going to friggin hit me, I have railroad tracks I need to stop at, what the hell is this guy doing? I need to get out of his way, I can’t go any faster on these curves.  Where the hell can I pull over?  Luckily I know the road because I travel it every morning.  Around the next corner was a road on the right and a big lot where paving trucks have been parking. I knew if I couldn’t make it into the street opening I would hopefully be able to get to the lot and not have trucks there already. 

I put my directional on and didn’t even think about braking until I knew where I was going.  This guy just kept coming.  It was like one of those horror movies where the bad guy runs someone off the road and over a cliff.   Then gets out of his truck and laughs when the other vehicle explodes. 

As I got to the road I jerked the wheel to the right and just made it as he flew by me.  He was going so fast that I could not even see what color the cab of the truck was, never mind get a company name or plate. I was still at an angle pulling in when he passed me.   Never even hit his brakes.  I found this picture when I was looking for the truck.  This is what I thought I was going to look like.

Truck Hits Bus


It must be bad trucker day or something because there was another one on the highway.  A tanker truck carrying something explosive.  I don’t usually go back to the yard right after high school so maybe they are like that every morning, but this guy scared  me too.  I couldn’t wait for him to get away from me incase he flipped and exploded. 

This is all on a beautiful Friday morning.  I still have the whole afternoon route to do.  Wonder what nightmares that will bring?


About ramblinann

I live in Massachusetts and always have. I sell healthy holistic pet food as an independant rep with Life's Abundance. That is done mostly from home on my computer. When I'm not working for myself with the pet food, I am sitting behind the wheel of a big yellow school bus.
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